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Sloat Blvd
SF, CA, 94132
United States

Harnessing modern glassblowing technology for you to create brilliant music with the “Sound of Glass”.

Through creative innovation & quality craftsmanship, we strive to produce outstanding glass guitar slides and picks that compliment your sound and style. Silica Sound is the original handmade glass guitar slide made with a tapered fit, since 2003. Handcrafted in California, U.S.A.

Silica Sound glass guitar slides are handmade with a thickened end to promote a unique grip on the tip of your finger, as well as added mass for better sustain. They are unlike any other glass guitar slide in the way they feel, sound and look.

Custom Slide Sizing

Have your slide customized by tailoring the inner diameter of the taper, or length to fit you PERFECTLY

Custom Fit Taper Sizing And/Or Custom Length

Custom Taper and Length.png
Custom Taper and Length.png

Custom Fit Taper Sizing And/Or Custom Length


This option will custom tailor your slide to fit you exactly. We make the slide to order, and produce the colored end with the taper thickness to your specifications, and/or cut the slide to your desired length. If we have a slide with your specifications ready to go, we will refund you for this charge.

We can only alter the end where the color is on the slide. We can't change the thickness or diameter of the rest of the clear part of the slide. These dimensions are fixed, and will be as described for the dimensions of each slide model... So you must choose an existing slide model on which we can tailor the taper. See instruction below.

Add To Cart


We need the "Taper Inner Diameter" measurement for your slide finger. Please see the diagram on this page to make sure you get us the correct specification.

Easiest way(s) to find this measurement is to:

(1) take a piece of string, piece of paper, or clothe/flexible tape measure, wrap it around your finger where the taper will rest (usually near fingernail or first knuckle), and measure the circumference around (millimeters preferred). Be as accurate/precise as possible

(2) divide your measurement by 3.14 (pi) to get your "Taper Inner Diameter"

Taper Diameters tend to be in the range of approximately 12-17mm, and 14-16mm being the most common .


Alternatively, you can:

Tell us your ring size at the tip (fingernail) of your slide finger;


If you have access to a pair of calipers, measure the diameter of your finger where the taper will rest. Once again, millimeters preferred, as they make the measurement more precise.

The $5 cost for custom taper sizing and/or custom length is applicable for up to 3 slides