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Sloat Blvd
SF, CA, 94132
United States

Harnessing modern glassblowing technology for you to create brilliant music with the “Sound of Glass”.

Through creative innovation & quality craftsmanship, we strive to produce outstanding glass guitar slides and picks that compliment your sound and style. Silica Sound is the original handmade glass guitar slide made with a tapered fit, since 2003. Handcrafted in California, U.S.A.

Silica Sound glass guitar slides are handmade with a thickened end to promote a unique grip on the tip of your finger, as well as added mass for better sustain. They are unlike any other glass guitar slide in the way they feel, sound and look.

Watch Silica Sound Slides

More than anything, Matt Eich knows how important every little step is when it comes to handcrafting his Mule Resonator Guitars. With focus and precision, he finds inspiration in the Rust Belt and admiration from fellow musicians, like blues singer Charley Hicks. This is UNCHARTED. Features Charley Hicks on slide using his Custom Model #424 slides. Buy his albums here. And Mule Resonator guitars:

Captain Cherry's demo. Got an 67 Harmony Bobkat, still got it's original DeArmond pick up in it. Also giving the new Silica Sound glass slide a whirl and frankly i've never used a slide that fits so well. If you like what we're doing feel free to subscribe for more guitar goodies.

A Spoonful Blues (Charley Patton) By Charley Hicks

Here's Greg Leisz using a #115 Brass N Glass Bar Slide, tracking pedal steel guitar for producers Paul Graham and Paul Bushnell project at Studio City Sound with Tom Weir engineering.

The Killers playing "From Here On Out" featuring Dave Keuning using his custom Model #420 slide. There are some pretty great shots of the slide in this.

Watch for the slide work by Kristopher Butcher in "Raised By Wolves" by Robert Jon & the Wreck. Filmed by Michael Klein & Josh Davis of Unearth Music Hub ( Edited by Steve Maggiora, ASP Recordings

Check out John Jeffers using a Silica Sound slide in "Dogwood" by Whiskey Myers. From the album Early Morning Shakes (2014 Wiggy Thump Records).

Download on iTunes:

Connect with Whiskey Myers: 

Artist Billy Rowe from JetBoy and Owner of RocknRollRelics Guitars is playing David Allen P90 pickup set the StrayCats with a Silica Sound hand blown glass slide on a Thunders II model through a 3rd Power British Dream amp. Check this out!

Hilarious movie "Electric Apricot" featuring Les Claypool. Watch for the Silica Sound slide in use- its only for a few seconds, but its there! I gave the guitarist "Gordo" (Bryan Kehoe) a slide before their show at 19 Broadway in Fairfax, CA- and he used it!

Angelo "Skypup" Santelli plays even more kick ass slide guitar licks in this follow up to his often-viewed Dobro video. Angelo's first album is coming out this summer!

Whiskey Bottle - David Luning ----

Watch for the #113 Brass n' Glass Bar Slide

SecondhandCBG's 30th Cigar Box Guitar with a Silica Sound Slide. The action is set high for smooth slide. Checkout the demo and if you're interested in this CBG, contact me. Thanks for looking!

The Killers show in San Francisco, April 2013. Shot backstage during "Here On Out". A lot of slide guitar in this song, but not much until the end of this short video. Not the best sound quality on the phone though... Dave Keuning uses our model #420 slide in the this song.

Greg Erwin - Don't Keep Me Wonderin

Oh Death (Charley Patton) By Charley Hicks

Short clip of "She Talks To Angels" from the DVD "The Black Crowes - Freak N Roll... into the Fog (2006)" by Eagle Eye Productions Inc. and WMG. It was filmed at the Fillmore in San Francisco, 2005. Custom #419 Silica Sound guitar slide in use by Marc Ford.
This is Vintage Trouble jamming in a pretty good Honda commercial. Watch for the slides. Video owned by & courtesy of Honda.

Gearmanndude demos Silide Sound

Skypup plays some more licks on his Gretsch Boxcar dobro. Visit or or for music and tour dates with Michael Allman & Marble Garden!

Silica Sound Slides and V Pick demoed by Gearmanndude on an old 1930's era resonator with some pretty dull strings. Great for bluegrass pickers and I'd imagine metal dudes as well....and everyone else too!

moe. at the new fillmore playin stranger than fiction. Watch for the slide

Michael Allman, Lee Roy Parnell, Jack Pearson, Angelo Santelli @ Third & Lindsley, Nashville, Tn.

Greg Erwin playing Joyful Noise

Michael Stonebreaker sent in this video of him playing 'Bright Baby Blues' on his new 'Dream' National and Silica Sound slide. Thanks Michael!

The Blues Tonight Band playing "Hard River To Row" with slide

maggot brain acoustic - here's a long time user of our slides check it out